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Each grass variety has its own preference.

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N-P-K's shrub treatments are to encourage the health and longevity
of the plants life.

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Healthy and Green Lawn

Knowing the grass type and having a soil analysis will definitely point you in the right direction.

Lawn Treatment Services in Lexington SC

Your lawn needs and deserves a lot more than just a cut every weekend. While you might not have the time to take excellent care of your lawn so that it always looks its best, NPK Lawn Care, LLC offers professional lawn treatment services in Lexington SC to help make sure the grass is always greener on your side. Allow us to ensure that your lawn is always in the best condition possible no matter what time of year it might be.

The NPK Treatment

Something that sets NPK apart from other lawn care services in the area is that we make sure to take soil samples from every yard that we treat. The reason that we do this is so that we can create a specific treatment plan suited especially for your lawn's unique needs.

NPK is proud to be locally owned and operated. The advantage of this to you is that we are familiar with the climate and conditions of the Columbia, Lexington and Irmo areas and how they both can affect your lawn and shrubs. Not only do we take excellent care of all of the lawns that we treat, we also make sure that we are taking equally good care of our customers. After all, your yard is part of your home, and we want you to enjoy the both of them for as long as possible.

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